How We Created The “Sexiest Conference” Ever

(And How You Can Too)

G2’s first-ever, one-day-only event was a breakout success. One executive even said it was the “Sexiest Conference” they've ever attended. We’re sharing our playbook so you can drive success to your next event.


How We Pulled Off Our First Conference Without an Event Planning Team

By Ryan Bonnici

It might sound impossible to pull off a successful first conference in the span of six months without an event planning team. Not for G2. Learn how our stellar team took Reach from conception to reality, and plans for Reach 2020!

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Making an Event Brand Come to Life

By Hillary Fortin

Take a crash course in building an event brand from the creative team behind G2’s first-ever Reach conference.

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Planning My First-Ever Tech Conference in Under a Year

By Lauren Decker

I was not an event planner until I coordinated Reach 2019, hosting more than 500 people. Read this article to learn what I learned, and how you can follow suit.

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How to Use Direct Response Email for Your Company’s Next Event

By Eddie Shleyner

Looking to drive more engagement for your next event? Consider these 5 direct response email tactics to grow your attendee list.

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How to Curate a Tantalizing Speaker List for Your Event

By Hailey Friedman

Learn the best ways to find and reach out to speakers for your next event and how to ensure they will impress your event attendees.

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Speaker Recaps

Missed your favorite speaker at Reach 2019? We got you covered.


How to Create a Movement from Whole30 Co-Founder & CEO, Melissa Hartwig Urban

By Hannah Tow

Melissa Hartwig Urban shares how she created a movement with Whole30 through authentic branding at Reach 2019.
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6 Ways Enterprise Marketing is Evolving According to Marketing Guru, Neil Patel

By Mara Calvello

Check out these six ways best-selling author Neil Patel believes that enterprise marketing is evolving, and find out how you can be ready to make your brand stand out.
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5 Ways to Use Empathy in Leadership From Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan

By Alexa Drake

Empathy in leadership is on the rise. Read about how Zoom CEO, Eric Yuan launched his company on the foundation of happiness and compassion.
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Overcoming Obstacles and Finding Success as an Entrepreneur

By Devin Pickell

Renowned athlete and entrepreneur Jeremy Bloom discusses how he was able to overcome obstacles throughout his career and carve his own path to success.
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10 Timeless Marketing Rules from Drift’s VP of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt

By Rebecca Reynoso

Curious how to surpass your competition in the marketing scene? Learn the 10 timeless marketing rules that Drift's VP of Marketing, Dave Gerhardt, says everyone should know.
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3 Tips For Refocusing Your Content Strategy From Hubspot VP, Meghan Keaney Anderson

By Lauren Pope

Could your content strategy use some love? Learn how Hubspot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson put the customer first in her content strategy.
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Using Customer Feedback to Close More Deals From Joe Fuca and Mark Roberge

By Izabelle Hundrev

Learn from’s CEO, Joe Fuca, and Mark Roberge, Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital, on how to use customer feedback to stay ahead of the curve and fuel your sales team to close more business.
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9 Tips on Tackling Hyper-Growth and Hyper-Competition From Steli Efti and Mike Gamson

By Mary Clare Novak

At this year's REACH conference, Steli Efti and Mike Gamson talked about how to thrive during times of hyper-growth and hyper-competition.
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